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Stockholm International Film Festival has a wide selection of films from all over the world despite the adjustments that have been made due to the pandemic. We would like to take the time to give extra attention to the best films from Latin America this year!

Experience Mexican New Order where an extravagant wedding becomes the focus for a violent riot, come along to Brazil where colonisation and indigineous culture comes head to head in colorful Memory House which was the only Latin American film to receive the Cannes Official Label this year, explore the dangerous journey through Mexico to the American border in visual masterpiece Identifying Features.

Here are this year’s Latin American Films:

Memory House - João Paulo Miranda Maria (12/11, 15/11, 16/11) Festival On Demand
Identifying Features  - Fernanda Valadez (12/11, 15/11, 19/11) Festival On Demand 
New Order - Michel Franco (17/11, 19/11, 20/11, 21/11)  
The Intruder - Natalia Meta (11/11, 15/11)  
The Mole Agent – Maite Alberdi (18/11, 20/11) Festival on Demand  
Vivos – Ai Weiwei (14/11, 20/11) Festival on Demand  

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