Welcome to Stockholm International Film Festival!

Stockholm International film festival lights up our darkest season and November 8th – 19th we offer you great screenings, the best parties and captivating meetings with movie industry related guests. The festival attracts de biggest stars, such as Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, and David Lynch (among others!) has visited the festival. Become a member and watch films from the entire world!

By becoming a member you make it possible for us to create a fantastic film festival with over 150 films from 60 countries, providing the opportunity for the younger generation of Stockholm to be part of Stockholm Film Festival Junior in April and to arrange our free outdoor screenings in August.

You also contribute to several non-profit projects, where we raise awareness about human rights through film education for children and teenagers around the world. Read more about our projects here. Thank you!

Are you a student, retired or under 26 years? Scroll down the bottom of the page to buy our reduced card!

Digital membership!

Our membership card is now digital! After your purchase, your membership card will be registered and activated automatically and can be stored in your phone. Download our app Stockholm Filmfestival at App Store or Google Play and log in to your account to access your membership. The account information in the app is the same as the one on our website. When you buy tickets for the festival they will automatically be stored on the digital card. All you have to do is bring your phone you the screenings and we will scan your digital card in the app.

You can still collect a card if you prefer to have it in your wallet instead. You can collect them at our screenings for members before the festival and at our festival center and cinemas during the festival.

If you have any questions contact us at medlem@stockholmfilmfestival.se or 08 677 5014.


Our membership cards:

Membership Card

The membership card gives you the opportunity to visit the 28:th Stockholm International Film Festival, November 8-19, 2017. It also includes at least 10 exclusive screenings during the year, only for our members. You will also get a copy of Stockholm Film Festival’s program catalogue.

As a member you also contribute so that we can make a great film festival with over 150 films from 60 countries, give youth and children the opportunity to visit Stockholm Film Festival Junior and to arrange Summer Cinema in August every year. Thank you! 

Valid: August 2017 - July 2018

260 SEK

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The Bronze Card - the festival experience in deluxe version

Our most prestigious card is named after the Bronze Horse, the festival's finest award! The bronze membership entitles you to special benefits bringing you that extra film experience throughout the year. In addition to what you get as a regular festival cardholder you receive two guaranteed seats at all of our member screenings, two film vouchers for the Stockholm International Film Festival and the annual Film Festival Catalogue, all for 1500 SEK  per year. 

(The Bronze Card costs from 1500 kr, do you wish to support us a bit extra you are very welcome to do this via Swish or Payment Slip. You just specify the amount you would like to pay for the card. Thank you!) 

The current Bronze Card has a value of 2 500 SEK and is valid August 2017 - August 2018. 


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Student / Retiree / Under 26

Are you a student, retiree or between 16 and 25? Then you're eligible for the reduced membership card for 160 SEK. Bring ID to the screenings.

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Free card for the 15 year old!

When you turn 15, you're finally old enough to become a member at the Stockholm Film Festival! We celebrate that buy treating all 15 year olds to a free membership (regular price 260 SEK). With your card, you get access to the Stockholm International Film Festival in November and you also have the opportunity to see 12 free membership screenings - all year round! Bring your ID and pick up your card at Summer Cinema or at our membership screenings.