Leaving San Francisco behind, Elaine attempts to recover from the death of her husband, an event in which she may or may not have been directly involved. Elaine is a witch who settles in a town in northern California, mostly because of the local population of witches already living there. Once settled, Elaine dedicates herself to the pursuit of romance. However, when her seduction potions start to backfire and men begin to go missing, a hard-nosed police officer turns up to investigate. Believing him to be the man of her dreams, Elaine is determined to seduce him, whatever the cost.

Anna Biller transports us back to the glory and Technicolor-camp of 60s and 70s B-movies, recreating the visual look of the era so vividly that it feels bewitchingly authentic. Designing the costumes and the production herself, Biller stands out as a true auteur leading the viewer by the hand and charging headlong into the mystical and unfairly maligned era of supernaturally based b-movies.

The Love Witch poster
The Love Witch
Anna Biller
United States
120 min
Twilight Zone
Premiere status
Nordic Premiere
Production year
Samantha Robinson, Laura Wad- dell, Gian Keys

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