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Women's rights activist Ye Haiyan is no stranger to confronting authority. When several principals in the Hainan province of China get away with sexually abusing 6 schoolgirls, she stages a protest, an action that risks prison sentences for the activists involved. Director Nanfu Wang was present to document the events, but is pulled into the drama when she too becomes a target. Suddenly, the situation turns dangerous as they are attacked by mobs and interrogated by national security agents.

Originally, Nanfu Wang wanted to interview Ye Haiyan about her advocacy for sex workers and film the planned protest. Once she arrived in China, the scope of the film changed as she witnessed the harsh authoritarian reactions to dissent. The material was largely filmed with hidden cameras and was eventually smuggled across the border. Despite the obstacles and dangers, Wang has exposed a culture marred by fear and control, where neighbors turn on each other and the streets are full of secret agents.

Hooligan Sparrow poster
Hooligan Sparrow
Nanfu WANG
China, United States
84 min
Documentary Competition
Mandarin Chinese
English subtitles
Premiere status
Swedish Premiere
Production year
Nanfu WANG

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