An unusual criminal gang roams the streets of Washington D.C, a mere stone's throw from the White House. They use mace and brass knuckles, but they also carry Louis Vuitton bags and wear lipstick and stilettos. Once the victims of homophobic bullying, these gay and transgender street kids are now fighting back in style. But in addition to their involvement in robbery, prostitution and drugs, they are also attempting to break away from their impoverished backgrounds through a different venture. They have entered into the fashion world by starting a clothing label, putting on shows and walking the runway.

This documentary follows the young gangbangers' struggle to survive in a hostile world and create a better future. It also shines a light on the tireless support provided by advocates in the neighborhood as well as on the issue of homophobia and violence within the African-American community. Colorful and compelling, this is a fast-paced, socially committed documentary with no shortage of drama.

Check It poster
Check It
DANA FLOR, Toby Oppenheimer
United States
90 min
Documentary Competition
Premiere status
Nordic Premiere
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