Eliezer loses his job, his girlfriend and his apartment in a matter of 24 hours. He moves into a van and does his best to make a living by transporting things, embarking on a long and disastrous road trip in the process. Along the way he crosses paths with two wild party girls and is shocked to discover that one of them shares his bizarre and compulsive habit of eating his own hair. Torn between the comfort of his compulsions and the need for a new start, Eliezer is forced to confront the behavior that has lead him to this point.

Are We Not Cats is a visual and musical tribute to that space in which most of us are forced to exist a couple, or maybe many times in life. It is as much a study in the compulsory activities pursued by individual human beings as a story about sharing and connecting with other people. Through Eliezer, Robin forces us to examine our own destructive habits and at the same time take a step back and revel in the bizarre and wonderful madness that he presents us with.

Are We Not Cats poster
Are We Not Cats
Xander Robin
United States
78 min
Premiere status
Nordic Premiere
Production year
Michael Patrick Nichols, Chelsea Lopez, Michael Godere

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