Stockholm 1993. A time when cell phones were new on the market and a pair of (genuine) Levis jeans were the most fashionable thing you could wear. But this were also a time when financial crises, mass unemployments and deeds from the extreme right shooked Sweden. In the middle of this you can find Farid. He is a part-african boy and befriends with a couple of ”proud patriots” at his school. Despite his foreign origin, he feels 100 percent swedish and agree that immigrants who are gulity of misconduct should be sent back. Another main character is 14-year-old Tessan. Her family has been hit hard by the financial crisis, but she tries to find solace and community in the Stockholm underground techno scene. With both darkness and humor the film descibes how they are trying tp put togheter their lives, despite all the big and hard changes that happends around them.

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Work in Progress: Shadows of 1993 poster
Work in Progress: Shadows of 1993
Mistre Tesfaye
30 min
Work in Progress
Leif Mohlin
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