Egyptian directors, Ayten Amin, Tamer Ezzat and Amr Salama have collaborated to bring this true tale of a regime in downfall to the silver screen. In this very topical documentary about the revolution that sparked a people’s movement throughout the Middle East, the three directors have covered all the angles.

In »The Good« (directed by Ezzat), the people of Cairo are marching stoically to the Tahrir square, not succumbing to tear gas or violence. The policemen of Cairo embody »The Bad« (directed by Amin). They are represented in the film by interviews with the Central Security officers, who were to thwart the insurgence. »The Politician« (directed by Salama) depicts Hosni Mubarak, the vice-president who in 1981 became an anonymous, temporary leader after an assassination of the current president, Anwar Sadat. He outstayed his welcome with about two decades. In one scene Mubarak cannot stand posing behind Barack Obama in a photo of the two of them, so he simply has the picture Photoshoped, so the Egyptian leader is in the foreground.

This “three-films-in-one” dispels prejudices about the revolution and really shines a light on the mad brain of a despot.

Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Politician poster
Tahrir 2011: The Good, the Bad, and the Politician
Ayten Amin, Tamer Ezzat & Amr Salama
90 min
Premiere status
Swedish Premiere
Production year
Mohamed Hefzy, Frédéric Sichler

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