Daniel, is an ambitious real estate broker aiming for his first million and full partnership in the firm. Together with Marie, the wife of his boss and partner to be, he takes the liberty of spending a passionate weekend in an extravagant design-house he is to sell the coming Monday.

Eventually in the house and to their surprise they discover that they are not alone. George, a Polish handyman has remained in the house. George is provoked by Daniel’s and Marie’s sinful life style, materialistic values and lack of respect for nature and life.

In his attempts to point out their wrong doings he trespasses their privacy and crosses all social borders. Daniel can’t take it anymore and fires George on the spot.

George is violated and provoked and gives himself the right to put Daniel and Marie to the test and administer God’s justice. In the end it is clear that there is no way of getting rid off ”The Handyman”…

”I believe in God, only I spell it nature” – FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT

Work in Progress: (no title) poster
Work in Progress: (no title)
Rafael Edholm
30 min
Work in Progress
Helena af Sandeberg, Sverrir Gudnasson, Andrzej Chyra
Daniella Prah Elmqvist/HP Lundh (Holding Hands Production AB)
Rafael Edholm, Björn Olofsson, Daga Lamy
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