Norwegian researcher Skule Antonsen becomes obsessed with the idea that Hitler escaped the war, and fled to the U.S. under the name Adolf Munchenhauser. He soon discovers that Munchenhauser has had an immense influence on American society – he originated the soap opera, was a pioneer in rocket science, started a fast food chain called McBratwurst and even mastered a plan to alter the faces of Mount Rushmore to resemble Germanic archetypes. Soon the authorities are on his trail, and apparently won’t stop at murder to terminate his project. Determined to find the answer to the riddle, Antonsen continues his mission.This deceptive fake-documentary echoes Peter Jackson’s Forgotten Silver in its confusion of fact and fiction. The plot utilizes the documentary formula with interviews, observations and a stern voice-over. The story, however, is rather in the shape of a thriller where the protagonist detects clues to solve a mystery. Along the ride we face absurd comical situations, as well as spectacular action sequences. All in all, One Hundred Years Of Evil is hilariously mind-bending experience of historical revisionism.

One Hundred Years Of Evil poster
One Hundred Years Of Evil
Erik Eger, Magnus Oliv
90 min
Premiere status
World Premiere
Production year
Original title
One Hundred Years Of Evil
Jon Rekdal, Jordi Almeida, Jack Frankel, Andrea Sooch
Erik Eger, Magnus Oliv, Joacim Starander, Jonas Kellagher, André Robert Lee
Erik Eger, Magnus Oliv, Joacim Starander, Oliver Blackburn
Joacim Starander

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