In medieval China, Ainu is kidnapped and forced to prostitu- tion in a brothel owned by Lady Chun. She is obviously reluctant at fi rst, but when her only friend is killed, she agrees to do what she is asked. Soon she becomes the most successful ”girl” at the brothel, charming everyone with her beauty and integrity. But all the time, she is plotting her violent revenge against the men who use her. With stunning cinematography in an equally beautiful mise-en-scéne, the visual appeal of this fi lm is nothing short of overwhelming. There is a strong feminist aspect allthrough the fi lm – here, the female characters are the strong ones, and prevail, while almost all the male roles are charicatures of the rich and ugly. Add to it some well choreographed kung fu fi ghts and sensual eroticism, and the result is a true gem. Intimate Confessions of A Chinese Courtesan is one of the most controversial fi lms in the history of Hong Kong cinema, and was an audience shocker when Shaw Brothers released it in 1972. JAKOB BERGLUND

The Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan
Yuen Chor
Hong Kong
90 min
Asian Images
Production year
Lily Ho, Fan Mei Sheng, Betty Ting Pei
Run Me Shaw

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