S is a young Belgian woman who lives in New York with her boyfriend. Their relationship comes to a sudden end when she catches him having sex with his previous girlfriend and she shoots them both. She returns to Brussels to try to somehow straighten out her life. She gets a job as a dancer at a peep show and falls in love with a woman called Marie. At first S feels happiness and peace of mind but her restlessness makes her move on. S. is a brutal and angry film that contents lots of violence, sex and painful tears. It's the Generation X in a nutshell. It deals with the world's senselessness and how people turn into more and more odd beings. What happens to people's responsibilities in a world whose only goal is to accomplish materialistic growth and crammed supermarkets? S pulls herself down as deeply in the shit as she can without care of the future. Suicide is always waiting on the next corner and her laughter is never out of happiness but out of resignation. She seeks the meaning of her life and existents but the only thing that she achieves is to end up in dead ends, filled with drugs and abuse. Like her father did, before he got executed in jai I, she records a video diary that's going to be her gift to the world. Guido Henderickx has said in an interview that the film is ''About young people who gets lost. About a hurt girl looking for happiness. And about the confrontation with weirdoes, rift-raft and dumbos she encounters on her way to happiness.'' This is a journey seen through the peephole of a peepshow. Natali Broods debuts with her role as S in a highly vulnerable and powerful way.

Guido Henderickx
94 min
Open Zone
English, Dutch
Production year
Natalie Broods, Inge Paulssen, Josse Depauw
Luc Reynaert
Guido Henderickx

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