Kamijo owns a club and part of the profits are taken care of by the local yakuzan. One day the young Arano appears on the scene. He murders a member of the yakuza and spreads worry in Kamijo's gang. Kamijo is ordered by the yakuzan to kill Arana, but he has mercy on they young man. Unfortunately this does not gain him much. The film depicts the Tokyo of today - skateboards, graffiti and juvenile gangs. Arano hangs around town in a green parka and black and white Converse sneakers. He has a constant blank, grim look on his face and does not speak much. His favourite pastimes are burning matches and stabbing people. A real slacker. He meets Kamijo, the businessman, the handsome one with long, dark hair, suit and tie. And how does the expression go - opposites attract. Pornostar is violent, but at the same time tragically disillusioned. Arano appears from nowhere and gets his so-called friends in trouble, but he takes it coolly and does not allow himself to be touched by what goes on around him - at least he appears not to. He does not like to kill people because he dislikes them, but because death seems to be a good way out. Life is shit, everything sucks, and they might as well be dead. The cinematography is beautiful and it helps to convey Arano's perspective on life. The camera works slowly, with long sweeping and static takes. The dialogue is sparce, as well as the sound effects, but one song keeps reappearing again and again and it takes the viewer into its grip. One should not be fooled by the title of the film. The director himself explains: ''Pornostar is not a porno film at all. Pornostar has no fuck scenes. Pornostar is our chaotic planet (Porno-star). Pornostar is the film of youth. It's Tokyo's apocalypse.''

Toyoda Toshi
98 min
Asian Images
Production year
Chihara Koji, Onimaru
Takei Masakazu
Toyoda Toshaki

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