The film depicts 24 hours in a small Polish town. The citizens live more or less in the shadow of the anxiety-evoking factory that dates back to the communist era. Either you have or you will work in the factory. In the middle of this indisputable truth, in this social misery, two young and unemployed friends decide that, whatever the cost, they must escape. No means are to be avoided, even if the road to follow is lined with threats and violence. It all begins when one of them doesn't receive his salary from his broke employer. As compensation he gets a list of people that owe the employer money. If he gets back the overdue money he has a small fortune in his hands. His friend helps him, but things get out of hand. They get entangled in a mess where all become victims in a hard world. Adamek describes his movie as ''a terrific and brutal action drama.'' It is not possible to deny that the film is loyal to the classical detective film although the social dimension is more developed than we are used to. You can compare the story with, for instance, Scorcese's Mean Streets or Winding Refn's pusher. It's also possible to compare these pictures' style, energy and brutality. We meet quite ordinary and decent people with whom we can sympathize, but that for some reason are compelled to desperate and increasingly wicked acts. The moral of this story is that you can only go down if you get into vicious circles but if you stop in time and go the ''right'' way you might be saved. A violent and sanguine climax seems almost inevitable. But the film's strength is its unpredictability and its strong Polish touch.

Witold Adamer
93 min
Open Zone
Production year
Original title
Bolec, Pawel Kukiz, Kinga Preis
Malgorzata Kusmierz
Przemyslaw Wojcieszek, Witold Adamek

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