Pretext at Tach, a well-known writer and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, lives a secluded life without friends or family. Misanthropic, fat and tied to a wheelchair, he only meets his nurse and his secretary. When he receives definitive notice that his cancer is terminal, he opens his house to a journalist. The young and beautiful journalist Nina has pried into the writer's past and confronts him with surprisingly personal questions while filming the interview. The following day Pretextat Tach is found dead in his apartment. This thriller is constructed around the police interrogations with the possible murderers: Nina, the nurse and the secretary. The images of the interrogation alternate with flashbacks of the meeting in the apartment and images from the interview. The course of events is reconstructed out of this collage. The main characters, Pretext at Tach and Nina, each hide a secret and try to play out each other in a verbal duel. At the same time there is an intrigue between Nina and the interrogators and yet another one between the interrogators. The quick dialogue and the changing images make the spectator uncertain if any of the characters are trustworthy and the suspense is kept all the way to the end.The script is a free interpretation made by Ruggieri of the book with the same name written by Amelie Nothombs. Ruggieri's fascination with thrillers that evolve in a secluded room enticed him to make this film. This space allows him to work with light and scenography, between these four walls, intimacy arises and reveals the persons behind the masks. Emphasizing the intelligent dialogue and a visually enthralling room, Hygiene de I 'assassin would do well on the stage. Ruggieri has made good use of the advantages of film, working with fast cuts, colours and interesting angles.

Hygiène de l’assassin
Francois Ruggieri
75 min
Open Zone
Production year
Jean Yanne, Barbara Schulz
Francois Ruggieri
Francois Ruggieri
Jacques Davidovici

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