PRODUCTION COMPANY FOREIGN SALES AGENT Memfis Film, Upplandsgatan 35, 11328 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone +468335576, Fax +468309934 RUNNING TIME 89 minutes FORMAT 35mm DIALOGUE Swedish In ''fucking damn prick-Amal'' life isn't too merry. At least not if your name is Elin, you're 14 years old and you live in a body full of jumping hormones and your heart is pounding with all the uncontrollable emotions of adolescence. I n this town people gape at ''Bingolotto'' and drink medium-strong beer, here the girls are quiet and pretty and the guys drive mopeds and compare mobile phones. It is just Agnes, who has recently moved in, who is different. With Edith Sodergran on her bookshelf and lesbian confessions on her PC she doesn't fit in. Through a mutual feeling of not belonging, a defiant love story filled with anxiety starts to take shape between Agnes and Elin. Show Me Love has quickly become the most celebrated Swedish film of the 1990's. Even the locally elected in Amal, who at first were bothered by the regionally politically incorrect title, applauded the film premiere held in the town. The reviewers were very quick in comparing, and rightly so, Moodyson's debut with Roy Anderson's A Swedish Love Story from 1970. With both flms there is a sensitive eye and ear towards the youngsters' expressions and gestures, and with Moodyson we find the same successful mixture of a both realistic and poetic temperament. The triumph continued at this year's Guldbagge ceremony with no less than four awards, amongst others for best film and best female actress (Alexandra Dahlstrom and Rebecca Liljeberg). If Moodyson is ''a new director's name that will be heard for a long time into the 21st century'' (Goteborgsposten) remains to be seen, but at least a debut that will hard to surpass and a ''fucking damn good film'' (Aftonbladet) carries his name.

Fucking Åmål
Lukas Moodysson
89 min
Made in Sweden
Production year
Alexandra Dahlstrom, Rebecca Liljeberg, Erica Carlson, Matthias Rust
Lars Jonsson
Lukas Moodyson

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