In a small French fishing village, a ten-year-old girl is raped and murdered. She was on her way home from her art teacher Rene and he is immediately suspected. But in the outer circles of the otherwise quiet village, there are more truths hiding than we at the first realize. A young female police inspector starts questioning the villagers. And people like to talk... Au coeurdu mensonge takes us into the darkest heart of untruthfulness and shows us the most vulnerable thing - love. The film is a very beautiful love story between Rene and his wife Viviane. They are everything to each other but lying pushes itself closer to the couple, into their home and hearts. Their love is partly built on illusions. But every lie has its weak point and can easily burst. The film is about the interplay between people and how to stand living together. What parts of ourselves do we show to others and what parts do we hide? Like David Lynch's Twin Peaks this is a story about an isolated society and the rumours and suspicions that arise. The film is shot in the misty bluish-grey tone of the coastline and one feels the sea's dampness rolling over land, giving houses and roads a range of colour that is well adapted to the mysticism of the story.

Colour of lies, The
Claude Chabrol
93 min
Open Zone
Production year
Original title
Au coeur du mensonge
Sandrine Bonnaire, Jacques Gamblin
Marin Karmitz
Odile Barski, Claude Chabrol
Matthieu Chabrol

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