In this documentary we get to follow a couple of the most distinguished DJ's in the world of Pop. Junior Vasquez, Roger Sanchez (both from New York) and Q-Bert (San Francisco) are a few of them. We get to see how the DJ-culture has evolved and how it looks today. ''Music is the drug! ''cries Roger Sanchez, who is one of the music world's hottest and most influential DJ's. His own record company is ironically called Narcotic Records and he means that often it is the music that is the drug on the dance floor. With that he wants to point out that he is not propagating for drugs, something that many DJ's have been accused of (and perhaps rightfully so). Many DJ's start their own places that later become cult. As the legendary nightclub Soundfactory in New York, where Junior Vasquez plays on Saturdays and has done for six years. He is one of the most famous techno-DJ's and has worked with people like Madonna, Cher and David Bowie. Junior thinks of himself more or less like a God. Something that not everyone agrees on. And, naturally, it creates rivalry between musicians. It is a stormy business. Many thought-provoking questions are raised in the film. Are DJ's artists? How is it being a female DJ? Who becomes a DJ and what does it mean? Hang the DJ is a very fun ny fi I m with loads of hip underground kids, internal fighting, skeptics and last but definitely not least, music from great musical talents whot get you to raise an eyebrow or two when they let the records spin. Many are, just like Junior, veterans in this business. But there are so many more young people who love the craft and I ive for the music. It is impressive and very funny to see them inaction. What goes on behind the closed doors of dance music might seem irrelevant for anyone outside the circle, but this movie makes it clear how much it really influences culture and vice versa, Groove On! So to say. EBBA RYDQVIST

Hang The DJ
Marco & Mauro La Villa
90 min
Production year
Junior Vasquez, Roger Sanchez,Q-Bert
Henerique Vera-Villanueva
Marco & Mauro La Villa

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