Being the sister of an already world famous director may make things easier. But it also means that the business and the audience have higher expectations.In this case it seems as if the demands have inspired rather than restrained. Because Loaded is a promising debut and a challenging generation drama. A psychedelic nightmare about budding feelings, love, jealousy and hate.Seven young English people borrow a house in the country for the weekend to make a film. The shooting of the film causes problems since intimate details from the participants' lives are sneaked into the script. The line between fact and fiction becomes blurred.Anna Campion claims that the film is about ''TV-Thatcher-Children''. A more familiar, and these days rather worn, term for the kids are -Generation X. The forgotten children who discovered that the fruits of life have already been picked by their parents. They are lost, cynical and critical and look with horror upon the neglected world that they will eventually inherit.This generation has so far only been documented on the other side of the Atlantic, in films such as Slacker, Reality Bites and Singles. In Loaded we meet the Euro Kids. With their 70's outfits and Seattle attitudes,their appearance is similar to that of their American counterparts. However, on the inside they are - at least in Loaded - more intellectual and sophisticated.In the foreground we find Neil, a young Mick Jagger look-alike with a shattered emotional life. His complicated relationship with his girlfriend Rose makes up the basis of the story, and is a contributing factor towards how the weekend developes.Campion is economical with special effects. Instead lines, expressions and gestures move the plot forward. The photography is simple and unassuming, while a floating, jerky documentary-style video camera represents the film-within-a-film.Loaded is an emotionally staggering 90's trip which shows the excellence of the human race, but also points out its ability to destroy itself as well as others. It gives no answers. Quite the opposite. It raises questions. Useful questions.TOMAS SKAGERLIND

Anna Campion
U.K/New Zeeland
108 min
Production year
Oliver Milburn, Catherine McCormack, Thandle Newton
David Hazlett, Caroline Hewitt, John Maynard, Bridgit Ikin
Anna Campion
Simon Fisher Turner

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