Holly Fisher has created a collage made up of documentary and fictitious pictures. But it is a collage without a visible theme. Fisher dives into completely different worlds. We meet Ryerson Johnson, who writes Westerns by the dozen, see pictures from a smoke-house for fish, film cuts from a 40's Western and 15th century images of the Madonna. Bullets for Breakfast fills us with impressions, but gives no answers. The film is a visual challenge, clever and filled with humour. Comment:Bullets for Breakfast is a beautiful and chaotic flood of images, myths, conversations, disconnected words and sequences from old films. Documentary scenes from a fish factory, an interview with a man who writes Westerns by the dozen, the poems and thoughts of a feminist poet, 15th century images of the Madonna; all of this is interwoven in overlapping, harmonious, contradictory and glaring patterns. The best sequences are those taken from the Western My Darling Clementine and that have been reworked in collage form. By slowing down the tempo and altering the sound filmstrip, a gunman's abrupt and determined movement pattern is transfor- med into a graceful and peculiar dance; the rhythm of each separate motion seems to empty the completed movement of its meaning. The entire film is permeated with contradictions and ironic disconnections; Holly Fisher presents each image with a counter image so that each statement ;s questioned and undermined. The defenceless woman In the Western is contrasted with the strong hands of the women working in the factory, quotations from the Western books are declaimed in a solemn German accent. The fragmentary form as such is not new. What is particular about Holly Fisher is her way of using it with the purpose of showing that everything contains everything. In films of this kind it becomes clear that the emergence of a fragmentary, musical narrative form can be used not only as a means of disintegrating subject and meaning, but also - and this appears to be Holly Fisher's approach - as an attempt to reach a deeper metaphysical meaning and an altered way of looking at the world and history. Out of this torrent of images and words, increasingly distinct questions slowly crystallize; questions about the relationship between manhood and womanhood, history and myth, the image and reality. Kerstin Gezelius

Bullets for Breakfast
Holly Fisher
77 min
American Independents
Production year
Ryerson Johnson, Nancy Neilson
Holly Fisher
Holly fisher

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