Stockholm Film Festival

Box 3136
103 62 Stockholm
Phone: 08-677 50 00

The office is manned weekdays between 09.00 - 18.00. 

Under no circumstances shall DCPs or BluRays intended for screenings be sent to our PO box. Please contact the program department for shipping instructions. 

If you are a member, feel free to write to
Questions about tickets are sent to NB Before e-mailing, please check if your question has already been answered in our Festival FAQ.
Questions about submission are sent to
Questions about volunteer work are sent to

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Git Scheynius
Festivalchef/Festival Director
George Ivanov
Programchef/Program Director (parental leave)
Beatrice Karlsson
Programkoordinator/Program Coordinator
Erik Kull
Film Coordinator
Mia Thufvesson
Beatrice von Schilcher
Projektledare/Project Manager
Theo Smart
Marknadsansvarig/Marketing Manager
Carla Orrego Veliz
Marknadskoordinator/Marketing Coordinator
Ulrika Hurtig
Partnerskap & försäljningschef
Vince Scheynius
Partnerskap & försäljning
Maria de Renzis
Ekonomiansvarig/Financial Manager
Senja Salander
Projektledare pedagogiska verksamheten