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This year Stockholm International Film Festival presents films from over 40 countries. Asia is always a reliable source for quality film over a variety of different genres. Here we present some of the films to watch during the last five days of the festivals.

Oscar nominated Majid Majidi gives us a Charles Dickens inspired story with Sun Children where issues surrounding child labour and human rights are focal points. Hong Sang-soo returns to Stockholm International Film Festival with The Woman Who Ran that explores ordinary conversation with humor and warmth. Innivative Ivan Ayr presents Milestone, a deep tale of a man forced to battle his present and his unsure future. 

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Sun Children - Majid Majidi (14/11, 16/11, 20/11)  
The Woman Who Ran - Hong Sang-soo (14/11, 20/11, 22/11) 
Milestone - Ivan Ayr (11/11, 21/11)  
The Best Is Yet To Come - Jing Wang (19/11, 22/11)  
76 Days - Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous Festival on Demand   
The Wasteland - Ahmad Bahrami Festival on Demand

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