Prize for Best Film of the past

2017 Jeune Femme by Léonor Seraille

2016  Godless by Ralitza Petrova

2015 Louder Than Bombs by Joachim Trier
2014 Girlhood by Céline Sciamma
2013 The Selfish Giant by Clio Barnard
2012 Lore by Cate Shortland
2011 Oslo, August 31st by Joachim Trier
2010 Winter's Bone by Debra Granik
2009 Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos
2008 Frozen River by Courtney Hunt
2007 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days by Cristian Mungiu
2006 Sherrybaby by Laurie Collyer
2005 Northeast by Juan Solanas
2004 Innocence by Lucile Hadzihalilovic
2003 Schultze Gets the Blues by Michael Schorr
2002 Irréversible by Gaspar Noé
2001 Bully by Larry Clark
2000 Ali Zaoua by Nabil Ayouch
1999 The Carriers Are Waiting by Benoît Mariage
1998 The Wounds by Srdan Dragojevic
1997 Unmade Beds by Nicholas Barker
1996 Pretty Village, Pretty Flame by Srdan Dragojevic
1995 Institute Benjamenta by Stephen & Timothy Quay
1994 Pulp Fiction by Quentin Tarantino
1993 1, 2, 3, Sun by Bertrand Blier
1992 Reservoir Dogs by Quentin Tarantino
1991 Europa by Lars von Trier
1990 The Natural History of Parking Lots by Everett Lewis


Best Directorial Debut

2017 I Am Not a Witch by Rungano Nyoni

2016 Sandstorm by Elite Zexe

2015 Mediterranea by Jonas Carpignano
2014 A Girl At My Door by July Jung
2013 Fruitvale Station by Ryan Coogler
2012 Beast of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin

Best Script

2017 No Date, No Signature by Vahid Jalilvand och Ali Zarnegar

2016 Old Stone by Johnny Ma

2015 Mustang by Deniz Gamze Ergüven och Alice Winocour
2014 Melbourne by Nima Javidi
2013 Miss Violence by Alexandros Avranas och Kostas Peroulis 
2012  Killing me Softly by Andrew Dominik

Best Actress

2017 Antonia Zegers for Los Perros

2016 Irena Ivanova for Godless

2015 Julija Steponaityte for The Summer of Sangaile
2014 Jasna Zalica for These Are The Rules
2013 Jasmine Trinca for Miele
2012 Saskia Rosendahl for Lore

Best Actor


2017 Josh O'Connor for God’s Own Country

2016 Kévin Azaïs for A Taste of Ink

2015 Koudous Seihon for Mediterranea
2014 Emir Hadzihafizbegovic for These Are The Rules
2013 George Mackay for For Those In Peril
2012 Tim Roth for Broken

Best Cinematography


2017 Paul Guilhaume for Ava

2016 Andrei Butica for Dogs

2015 Manuel Dacosse for Evolution
2014 Crystel Fournier for Girlhood och These Are The Rules
2013 Lorenzo Hagerman for Heli 
2012 Adam Arkapaw for Lore

Best Music

2014 Luke Abbott for The Goob
2013 Hans Zimmer for 12 Years A Slave
2012 Max Richter for Lore

Best Short Film

2017 Retouch av Kaveh Mazaheri

2016 Imago av Raymund Ribay Gutierrez

2015 A Few Seconds by Nora El Hourch
2014 The Chicken by Una Gunjak
2013 Tears of Inge by Alisi Telengut
2012 Curfew by Shawn Christensen 

Past Winners of Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award

2017 Vanessa Redgrave

2016 Francis Ford Coppola

2015 Stephen Frears
2014 Mike Leigh
2013 Claire Denis
2012 Jan Troell
2011 Isabelle Huppert
2010 Harriet Andersson
2009 Susan Sarandon
2008 Charlotte Rampling
2007 Paul Schrader
2006 Lasse Hallström
2005 David Cronenberg
2004 Oliver Stone
2003 David Lynch
2002 Erland Josephson
2001 Jean-Luc Godard
2000 Lauren Bacall
1999 Roman Polanski
1998 Gena Rowlands
1997 Elia Kazan
1996 Rod Steiger
1995 Jean-Paul Gaultier
1994 Quentin Tarantino
1993 Lloyd Kaufman
1992 Viveca Lindfors
1991 Dennis Hopper
1990 Roger Corman

Past Winners of
Stockholm Visionary Award

2017 Pablo Larraín

2016 Francois Ozon 

2015 Yorgos Lanthimos
2014 Roy Andersson
2013 Peter Greenaway
2012 Jacques Audiard
2011 Alejandro González Iñárritu
2010 Gus Van Sant
2009 Luc Besson
2008 Wong Kar Wai
2007 Wes Anderson
2006 Darren Aronofsky
2005 Terry Gilliam
2004 Todd Solondz

Past Winners of
Stockholm Achievement Award

2015 Ellen Burstyn
2014 Uma Thurman
2012 Willem Dafoe

Past Winners of

2017 Based On A True Story av Roman Polanski

2016 American Honey av Andrea Arnold

2015 Macadam Stories by Samuel Benchetrit
2014 Hungry Hearts av Saverio Costanzo
2013 Nebraska by Alexander Payne
2012 Everyday by Michael Winterbottom
2011 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by Tomas Alfredson
2010 Winters Bone by Debra Granik
2009 Without Name by Cary Joji Fukunaga
2008 Better Things by Duane Hopkins
2007 Caramel by Nadine Labaki
2006 Jindabyne by Ray Lawrence
2005 Be with Me by Eric Khoo
2004 Producing Adults by Aleksi Salmenperä
2003 For She's a Jolly Good Fellow by Siegrid Alnoy
2002 The Slaughter Rule by Alex & Andrew Smith
2001 Quitting by Zhang Yang
2000 Billy Elliott by Stephen Daldry
1999 Boys Don't Cry by Kimberly Peirce
1998 The Acid House by Paul McGuigan
1997 House of America by Marc Evans
1996 Fistful of Flies by Monica Pellizzari
1995 Living in Oblivion by Tom DeCillo
1994 Chung King Express by Wong Kar-wai
1993 The Dead Mother by Juanma Bajo Ulloa
1992 Swoon by Tom Kalin
1991 Leningrad, November by Andreas Schmidt & Oleg Morozov
1990 The Reflecting Skin by Philip Ridley

Past Winners of the Stockholm Feature Film Award


2013 Fia-Stina Sandlund for She's Wild Again Tonight
2012 Amanda Adolfsson for Young Sophie Bell 
2011 Sofia Norlin for Broken Hill Blues

Past Winners of the 1 km film scholarship

2017 Ville Gideon Sörman

2016 Frida Kempff

2015 Victor Lindgren
2014 Ninja Thyberg
2013 John Skoog
2012 Johanna Paulsdotter
2011 Gustav Danielsson
2010 Hugo Lilja
2009 Amanda Kernell
2008 Alexandra Dahlström
2007 Andreas Tibblin
2006 Amanda Adolfsson
2005 Malou Schultzberg
2004 Daniel Wallentin
2003 Johan Jonason
2002 Sorgenfri Entertainment
2001 Jesper Klevenås
2000 Christian Eklöw & Christopher Panov
1999 Babak Najafi
1998 Jens Jonsson
1997 Chris Anthony
1996 Geir Hansteen Jörgensen
1995 Magnus Carlsson
1994 Ingrid Rudefors
1993 Ella Lemhagen
1992 Klas Lejonhuvud
1991 Johan Camitz
1990 Max Andersson

Past winners of
Silver Audience Award

2017 Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri av Martin McDonagh

2016 Jag, Daniel Blake av Ken Loach

2015 Mustang by Deniz Gamze Ergüven
2014 Mommy by Xavier Dolan
2013 12 Years by Slave by Steve McQueen
2012 Call Girl by Mikael Marcimain
2011 50/50 by Jonathan Levine

Past Winners of Star! Audience Award

2010 This is England 86 by Shane Meadows
2010 Waste Land by Lucy Walker
2009 The Cove by Louie Psihoyos
2008 Involuntary by Ruben Östlund
2007 Juno by av Jason Reitman
2006 Little Miss Sunshine by Jonathan Dayton och Valerie Faris
2005 Storm by Måns Mårlind och Björn Stein
2004 Old boy by Park Chan-wook
2003 The Station Agent by Thom McCarthy
2002 Japan by Carlos Reygadas
2001 Lost and Delirious by Léa Pool
2000 Boys Don't Cry by Kimberly Peirce

Past winners of
ifestival Award

2015 Tisure by Adrian Geyer
2014 A Spark at Darkest Night by Paul DeSilva
2013 Swear by Lea Becker
2012 Benjamin's Flowers by Malin Erixon
2011 Little Theatres: Homage to the Mineral of Cabbage by Stephanie Dudley
2010 Sister by Michael Rittmannsberger
2009 Pim, Pam, Pum by Asier Urbieta
2008 Little Things by Karolina Pajak
2007 Two Times Now by Michalis Konstantatos
2006 Untitled Short Film by Lars Emil Árnason
2005 Death by heart by Malin Erixon
2004 Grass by Simon Otto
2003 Cape Cod by Milagros Mumenthaler
2002 Covert by Joe Berger
2001 Flat n' Fluffy by Benoît Boucher
2000 Cloud Cover by Lisbeth Svärling

Past Winners of
Made in Stockholm

2005 Death by Heart by Malin Erixon
2004 Little Big Love by Tomas Mankovsky
2003 I oop by Mikael Kristensson & Martin Nilsson
2002 Return of the Monster by Adam Valkare

Past Winner of
Mobile Movies Award

2006 Tillsammans: Han och jag by Malin Erixon

Past Winner of Guldbubblan

2007 Niklas Fröberg