1 minute film winners has been chosen

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During the final prize ceremony at the Skandia Theatre, three winners were selected in the short film competition 1 min movie.

On site at Skandia's scene was this year's 1-minute film jury, consisting of actors Christoffer Nordenrot, Josefin Asplund and Alba August.

A huge congratulations to the winners!

Below you can read the jury's justifications.

6-10 years

Alex & Josefine by Tornadoskolan year 2

"Love is not easy to portray, but Alex and Josefin succeeded in an incredibly courageous and, mildly, fun way in this little masterpiece. The film's charm took us by storm, like the name itself."

11-14 years

World War III Avoided by Brunns Skola class 7A

"With a well-thought-out vision, from the technical through the narrative and all the way to the message, this film makes us laugh but at the same time reflect on our time."

15-19 years

The Suffragette by Fredrika Rothman and Elvira Feldt

“With a clear, detailed and creative narrative, we get to follow a historical journey where class, gender and politics dominate. With a clear vision and red thread, the filmmaker has created a whole where sound, scenography and costume in a smart and neat way for the action forward. The jury is really impressed! ”


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